Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Market Safe Course

From Ann Rexin:

Good morning! I spoke with Heather ( facilitator for Market safe course on April 18) she is saying that a unit of the course deals with vendors and managers, another unit looks after the hygiene- setting up a hand washing station if you are serving food samples, please bring a bagged lunch, as we will work right through. I'll provide tea/coffee. Your cost is $20, this covers your booklet ( $15), and your exam and certificate($5), the Rock Creek Market will cover the rest($200). It starts at 11am sharp, and will be finished at 4pm.
Sounds like a fun day...lots of interaction. She is doing another one the following week elsewhere, starting to get not charging us her travel time nor gas.

If you know anyone else that's interested in the course, have them contact me to register. Have a great week!

Email annrexin (at) hotmail (dot) com to register!!!

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