Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Update From Our Environmental Health Officer

We have recieved the final vesion of the temporary market guidelines from our Environmental Health Officer, Cheryl Unger.
Foods to be offered at a temporary marke are to be of low risk status, packaged or protected in some way. Our Manager and our vendors are responsible for determining if a food is low or high risk. If food is deemed high risk, it is not allowed to be offered at the market without prior approval (from our EHO - Cheryl Unger).
Please refer to the guidelines for examples of low and high risk foods and information and signage.
She will come to the market from time to time to see what foods are being offered to determine if the guidlines are being complied with.
Please be advised she can require a vendor to discontinue a sale of a food and/or seize foods if they are not in complience with the guidelines.
Should you have further questions, you can contact:
Cheryl Unger
Environmental Health Officer
Health Protection Interior Health
Box 2647, 7649 22 Street
Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H0
Phone: 250-443-2115
Fax: 250-442-8331
email: Cheryl(dot)Unger(at)

Click here to read the Guidelines!


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